Continuum Week in Review (7-22 to 7-28) and Preview (7-29 to 8-4)

This past week:

  • MVPs of Yesterday included Felix Hernandez and Davis Price.
  • The Baseball Card Haiku Project started- it’ll run on weekdays until I run out of baseball cards from the assorted pack I found.
  • Pinky and the Brain played baseball.
  • I did a book review of Cellar Dwellers.
  • I humorously discussed how the Alex Rodriguez saga could end.

This coming week:

  • The usual features like MVP of Yesterday and the Baseball Card Haiku Project.
  • Perhaps another Bizarre Baseball Culture.
  • Another Book Review.
  • A look at why some players have been struggling since the All-Star Break, while others have improved.
  • And more!

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