A New Year’s Update, including the Blogathon!

Hello, and welcome to 2016 and The Baseball Continuum. This is a update to start the year:

  • There are fewer than 27 days until the beginning of the Baseball Continuum Blogathon for Charity! Some of the first guest entries are already in, and I’ve begun writing my posts as well!
  • Among my posts during my portion of the Blogathon: the 50th Bizarre Baseball Culture, World Baseball Classic projections/predictions for Team USA and Dominican Republic, a Breaking OOTP, a Rochester Red Wings program retrospective, a post full of book reviews, and a tribute/homage to the worst post in this blog’s history.
  • Sadly, as a result of all of the work related to the Blogathon (as well as a hopeful increase in freelance work), there probably won’t be as many posts this month here on the Continuum that are not related to the Blogathon. For example, don’t expect a stand-alone Breaking OOTP before the Blogathon.
  • That said, you can expect me to continue to have the “Wisdom and Links” at Hall of Very Good!
  • So… Happy New Year!



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