Every Piece from the 2016 Blogathon

The Blogathon’s written portion is over. We had a great bunch of pieces from people from all across the spectrum of baseball: we had people from all over the world write pieces, and they ranged from award-winning pro writers all the way down to college students who are just getting started. And they wrote about all different kinds of things! In addition, I contributed pieces throughout Friday and pulled some pieces out of the archives to fill in those parts of the morning where nobody was awake for. And, remember, you can still donate until next Sunday.

Anyway, if you missed anything, here are links to all of the pieces from the #Blogathon (not counting “breather” posts where I posted about giveaways, who was writing, what you missed during the night, etc.), in chronological order (if you want to skip nearly all of my stuff, scroll down to Day 2):

Day 1 (all done by Dan Glickman):


Famous For Something Else: Eddy Alvarez, Silver Medal Speed Skater

Baseball Card Haikus

Moe Berg’s Secret Agent Files

A Random Musing on the Fairport Little League Money-Grabbing Promotion

Songs of October (Post-2015 update)

On The Joe Maddon Head

Related To Somebody Famous For Something Else: Tony Lupien, WWE Star John Cena’s Grandpa

WBC News for January 29, 2016

International Baseball Culture: Mitsuru Adachi’s “Touch”, Part 1, which ironically doesn’t have much baseball in it

2017 WBC Team USA Projections Version 0.1

2017 WBC Team Dominican Republic projections Version 0.1

Three Mini-Book Reviews

Renaming Moved Teams

Mr. Go, if adapted for American audiences

Musings on AAA Baseball

The Sliding Scale of Fictional Baseball Realism

First References to Off-The-Field Innovations and Innovators

BREAKING OOTP, Ep. 5: The No-Homers Club

The 50th BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE: DC’s greatest heroes and villains… PLAY BASEBALL?

Rochester Red Wings Programs of the Past: 1990

Scanned Hats

Day 2:

Jonathan Weeks: The Greatest Man I Have Known

Mets Daddy: The Highs And Lows of 1986

Seth Poho: The 2016 Nuclear Plant Team

CONTINUUM CLASSIC: The “Backyard Baseball” Kids: Where Are They Now?


CONTINUUM CLASSIC- The time I wrote an obituary for the 2012 Baltimore Orioles’ playoff hopes. Whoops.

Yakyu Night Owl: Dreams of Kenji-kun

Matt Wojciak: 2015 Middle Relief Report

Matt Taylor: Adam Jones Is a Difference Maker for Baltimore

Diane Firstman: Baseball Crossword Puzzle

Kayla Thompson: “Wild And Outside” Review

Dan Hirsch: The Most Average Player in Baseball History

Dan Szymborski: Doughy Nerd Gets A Job

Stacey Gotsulias: Sonnet 13

Jason Cohen: Reminiscing about Chien-Ming Wang and What Could Have Been

Eric Stephen: On Baseball and Brothers

Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman: Nelly’s “Batter Up”

Sean Lahman: How Soon is Now? Reds Fans React to Rebuild Plan

Howard Cole: Thoughts on Retiring Roberto Clemente’s Number 21

Jeff Katz: Anniversaries and World Series

Matthew Kory: “My Friend Bud”

Mike Oz: The History of Baseball Players Rapping, Abridged

Graveyard Baseball- Your guide to adopting an NPB team Part 12: Saitama Seibu Lions (埼玉西武ライオンズ)

Nate Fish: Ezra, the Ballplayer

Day 3:

Ron Kaplan- Read All About It: Blogs That Will Keep You Up on Baseball Books

Chris Kabout: Former Red Sox farmhand gives a hand in battle against cancer

Andrew Martin: A talk with Alex George



Greg Gay: Victim of Circumstance

Hawkins DuBois- Searching for Baseball’s New Frontier: Examining the World of Mental Skills Training

Dan Weigel: Ranking the 15 most entertaining European baseball team names

James Attwood: Slow to Change is Not Always a Bad Thing

The Answer Key to Diane Firstman’s Crossword Puzzle

Stacey Folkemer: Baseball is more than a game, it’s part of the family

Stephanie Liscio- Forgotten Champions: The 1945 Cleveland Buckeyes

Patrick Dubuque: A Ghost Among Cardboard

Alex Skillin: Are we entering the Golden Age of Shortstops?

Gary Cieradkowski: Win Ballou

Jessica Quiroli- The Minor League Baseball Lawsuit: Wealth vs. the Working Class

The Author of @OldHossRadbourn: Three Catches

Kazuto Yamazaki: NPB Bat-Flip Juggernauts to Watch For

Jason Turbow: Thon-A-Thon

David Brown- Taters, tobacco and terror: Baseball in the Future

Marc Normandin: Bret Saberhagen’s case for the Hall of Nearly Great

Dan Epstein: The First Time

Michael Clair: An (Abbreviated) People’s History of the World Through Baseball Cards

Jen Mac Ramos: Baseball Bonds


So, thank you!




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