Over at HOVG: “The Devil’s Baseball Dictionary” (with bonus Marlins entries in this post!)

Over at “Hall of Very Good” this week, Wisdom and Links brings you the Devil’s Baseball Dictionary, the only glossary of baseball terms that dares to tell you the truth, no matter how hard it hurts. For example, if I had written it today instead of yesterday, it would have contained the following (consider this the addendum):

Jennings, Daniel: Future Ex-Marlins Manager

Loria, Jeffrey: A foolish, selfish, idiot owner who will likely be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Marlins: A good but sad joke.

Redmond, Mike: The luckiest man on Earth, because he no longer has to work for Jeffrey Loria.

Or something like that.

HUMOR: The future of the Miami Marlins

As noted yesterday, the Marlins traded almost every notable player they had to the Blue Jays. However, there are reports that this is just the beginning, that Ricky Nolasco may be next, and that Logan Morrison may also be on the block! The Marlins are going back to their low-payroll ways, and nothing can stop owner Jeffrey Loria and his step-son/club president David Samson from going through with it. After all, they just got a big publicly-funded stadium, and now have gone and plunged their team into the abyss without giving a care in the world! Thanks Miami for the new stadium, and thanks for paying for it! I mean, we always were telling you that once we have a new stadium we wouldn’t have to do fire sales and be low-payroll! Now, excuse us, we have fire sales to run! And this is after they near-singlehandedly began the chain of events that sent the Montreal Expos into oblivion!

Given the fact that this is the third fire sale of the Marlins, and the second under Loria’s watch, we can easily extrapolate the future of the Miami Marlins (after the jump):

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