Random Video: Albert Pujols was/will be on Sesame Street for some reason

Albert Pujols will be on Sesame Street this week, apparently. Would have made more sense two or three years ago, but, hey, Albert’s a good guy who does a lot of charity work, so why not? How did he do?

Ehhh. Don’t quit your summer job, Albert.

By the way, according to Muppets Wiki (easily one of my top 5 wikis), this makes Pujols the 11th MLB player to be on Sesame Street, not counting the time Mark Fidrych hung out with Big Bird on Sports Illustrated‘s cover or the time that Elmo showed up at a Yankees’ exhibition in Japan. Sadly, no relief pitchers are amongst them.

A new “Bizarre Baseball Culture” comes out tomorrow! Until then, here’s Mike Piazza in front of some Pokémon

A new Bizarre Baseball Culture is coming tomorrow! But until then, here is a strange thing I found in storage: A Nickelodeon magazine cover where Mike Piazza is playing baseball in front of a bunch of Pokémon. Why? I don’t know!

PiazzaPokemon(By the way, the first one to figure out what the two identical monsters are gets absolutely nothing, but, sure, go ahead.)

Random Thing: Hideo Nomo’s Coors Field No-No

Hideo Nomo became the first Japanese player to be on the HOF ballot this year, and while he won’t make it, he definitely deserves to be on the ballot. So, to celebrate that, here’s video of the time Nomo threw a no-hitter in pre-humidor Coors Field.