Tomorrow: The Mariners Fight Bigfoot

Due to the shocking Robinson Cano signing, I’m going to be sending in a pinch-hitter tomorrow, replacing the would-be Bizarre Baseball Culture installment I was planning that featured Ozzie Smith and Tony the Tiger (seriously) with a very special installment that features two comics from 2002 in which the Mariners fight a Sasquatch invasion.

You have been warned.

MVP of Yesterday (July 10, 2013): Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano has basically had to strap the Yankees onto his shoulders at times over the past months, and last night he proved again why he is one of the finest players in the American League, going 3-4 with a HR and 3 RBIs against the Royals.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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Who Wright and Cano should pick for the HR Derby…

David Wright and Robinson Cano will be the captains for the HR derby, each picking three from their league to participate in this year’s Derby. In theory, they can choose whoever they want, although I wouldn’t be surprised if MLB makes some heavy suggestions and would block if Robinson Cano picked a pitcher to participate, or something.

But, anyway, who should Cano and Wright pick?

I have some ideas after the jump:

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The MVP of Yesterday (April 9, 2013): Robinson Cano

The Yankees again routed the Indians yesterday, led by Robinson Cano, who went 4-6 with a HR and 5 RBIs. While the game wasn’t close enough for this to truly make a difference, it is hard to ignore, making him the MVP of Yesterday.

Honorable Mention: Kris Medlen, Jose Altuve, Michael Young, Cliff Lee

MVP standings (after jump):

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Picture of the Day: Robinson Cano

Continuing the international flavor of the Pictures of the Day, here’s a picture of perhaps the best player who will be suiting up for the Dominican Republic this year: Robinson Cano.

This photo is used under a creative commons license and was taken by Tom Thai.