Coming in future weeks: Breaking OOTP, Red Wings programs, Bizarre Baseball Culture, etc.

As the postseason slowly starts to wind down, here’s a preview of what can be expected in the coming weeks:

  • The Return of “Breaking OOTP”, beginning with MARIO vs. BACKYARD BASEBALL.
  • The return of the lookback at Rochester Red Wings programs, including the early 90s, a program from the 1970s, and so on.
  • BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE finally returns, with one of the Ultimate Sports Force comics.
  • The long-awaited and oft-delayed return of the Baseball Continuum Continuucast
  • When Fallout 4 comes out, I’ll have a rundown of baseball elements in it, as post-apocalyptic Fenway will be a location in the game.
  • World Baseball Classic updates/projections.
  • And my votes for the IBWAA awards will be revealed.


So keep an eye out!


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