Coming in future weeks: Breaking OOTP, Red Wings programs, Bizarre Baseball Culture, etc.

As the postseason slowly starts to wind down, here’s a preview of what can be expected in the coming weeks:

  • The Return of “Breaking OOTP”, beginning with MARIO vs. BACKYARD BASEBALL.
  • The return of the lookback at Rochester Red Wings programs, including the early 90s, a program from the 1970s, and so on.
  • BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE finally returns, with one of the Ultimate Sports Force comics.
  • The long-awaited and oft-delayed return of the Baseball Continuum Continuucast
  • When Fallout 4 comes out, I’ll have a rundown of baseball elements in it, as post-apocalyptic Fenway will be a location in the game.
  • World Baseball Classic updates/projections.
  • And my votes for the IBWAA awards will be revealed.


So keep an eye out!

The Best Unlicensed/Unofficial Baseball T-Shirts on the Internet

If you look hard enough online (as in… google “T-Shirts”), you can find sites that sell unlicensed and unofficial t-shirts. These T-shirts feature designs created by fans and basically only are allowed to exist because they are fairly small-scale operations- the equivalent of those random guys outside of a stadium- and no company is willing to sue them to oblivion because of the bad PR that would result from going after people who in essence are their biggest fans would be… bad. In addition, a lot (but certainly nowhere near all) of the t-shirts don’t technically break any laws and don’t actually use anything trademarked or copyrighted.

So, what type of stuff are we talking about? (go below the jump to see the rest of this)

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Stuff I Forgot to Post About This Week

Some things I didn’t get around to posting about this week:

Johan Santana is now a free agent, and the Twins are amongst the teams interested. You know what that means

This 30 for 30 short on the couple that used to make MLB’s schedules is well worth watching.

Kevin Long will remain the Yankees’ hitting coach, and by all accounts he’s one of the best hitting coaches in the league.

We found out what Jake Peavy is going to do with that duck boat.

RIP Astrodome.

Stuff that has happened since the last time Jamie Moyer pitched for the Orioles

On September 16, 1995, Jamie Moyer came in and pitched 1.1 innings in a relief appearance for the Baltimore Orioles against the Yankees. The game was called due to rain after six innings.

Moyer has not pitched for the Orioles since then.

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