2013 MLB Preview part 2: 162 Things Guaranteed to Happen in the 2013 MLB Season (Part 1)

What’s going to happen in this, the 2013 Major League Baseball Season? Well, I have 162 ideas- ranging from the serious to the sarcastic. At the end of the year, I’ll look at what my record was. Hopefully I will do better than the Astros.

This is a big and long post, so it can be found UNDER THE JUMP.

1.There will be at least four no-hitters, including at least one perfect game.

2. Andrelton Simmons will be the break-out player of the year.

3. Only one player at most will hit 50 or more home runs.

4. The Yankees will not finish higher than third in the AL East, barring some sort of mid-year blockbuster trade.

5. Assuming he’s hitting better than .250 and healthy, Justin Morneau will be traded by the deadline for pitching prospects.

6. Similarly, Josh Willingham will be traded by the deadline as well.

7. The Miami Marlins will have the worst attendance in baseball, especially if going by “eyeball” attendance (as opposed to “official” attendance that just has the number of tickets sold).

8. Mike Trout will have a better OPS than either Albert Pujols or Josh Hamilton.

9. Todd Helton will announce his retirement.

10. Mariano Rivera will, barring injury, have at least 30 saves.

11. The National League will win the All-Star Game, because that’s what happens now.

12. Brian Wilson will finally be signed by the end of April.

13. Miguel Cabrera will not win the triple crown, but will- barring injury- win at least one of the categories.

14. R.A. Dickey will not win 20 or more games.

15. Somebody will get hurt doing something really stupid.

16. Dodgers-Giants will be the best of the three traditional baseball rivalries (LAD-SF, BOS-NYY, CHC-STL) this year. In fact, it won’t be particularly close.

17. Nobody will particularly notice the year-round interleague except for the very beginning of the season and the very end.

18. Dylan Bundy of the Orioles will permanently move up to the big club by the end of the year.

19. Giancarlo Stanton will win the HR Derby.

20. The Pittsburgh Pirates will be at .500 or better at the All-Star Break… after that, no promises.

21. The Reds and Cardinals will have a feud… again.

22. Any attendance problems the Yankees have will be viewed as a referendum upon the current generation of the Steinbrenner family.

23. There will be articles asking if Ron Washington is on the hot seat.

24. Bobby Valentine will make an inexplicable appearance at Fenway Park.

25. Joey Votto will prove to have completely recovered from last year’s injury.

26. Yu Darvish‘s second year in America will be better than his first.

27. Jurickson Profar will be with the Rangers permanently by the All-Star Break.

28. The Blue Jays will break the 3 million attendance mark for the first time since the World Series years.

29. Zack Greinke will not live up to his contract.

30. At least three playoff spots will still be open entering the final series of the season.

31. The Red Sox sell-out streak will officially end, and early on.

32. Scott Boras will wage a one-man war upon MLB’s compensation rules (he’s already started).

33. Nolan Ryan will leave the Rangers organization, possibly before the season even officially begins.

34. Somebody will have a 25 game or longer hit-streak.

35. Kirk Gibson will be said to be having a feud with a player if some think the player isn’t being “gritty” enough.

36. Don Mattingly‘s return to the Bronx for an interleague game will be almost as big a story- if not bigger- than the fact that it will be the first time the Dodgers have played an interleague game in the Bronx.

37. Brian Roberts will, finally, be healthy for the whole season again.

38. Giancarlo Stanton will lead the NL in intentional walks.

39. Alfonso Soriano will be traded.

40. Jim Thome isn’t done yet.

41. At least one Cy Young candidate will have to undergo Tommy John surgery.

42. The Phillies will again miss the playoffs.

43. RGIII will throw out the first pitch at a Nationals game.

44. Stephen Strasburg will not be shut down again (unless he gets injured).

45. We haven’t heard the last of the names from BioGenesis.

46. Kevin Millar will do something at a ballpark for Intentional Talk that will make everybody at least a little bit uncomfortable.

47. There will be speculation at least twice more that Chipper Jones will make a comeback. And twice more he will shoot down such speculation.

48. Josh Hamilton will not live up to his contract.

49. Albert Pujols will get a home run far quicker than it took him last year.

50. There will be a game that goes 20 or more innings.

51. No team will win 100 games in the American League.

52. Melky Cabrera will be an irrelevant player that many will forget is even still playing.

53. The Giants will lead MLB in attendance.

54. Josh Reddick‘s beard will gain sentience and look crazier than Brian Wilson or Johnny Damon ever did.

55. Derek Jeter will not make the All-Star Game.

56. An American League pitcher will have a HR during a interleague game.

57. Victor Martinez will be AL comeback player of the year.

58. Bud Selig will reveal he actually isn’t going to retire after the 2014 season.

59. Everybody on Twitter will have a few good laughs when Joe Mauer‘s wife gives birth to twins.

60. The Detroit Tigers will be the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

61. Every injury will in some way be blamed directly or indirectly on the WBC, even if it’s something weird like a HBP in July that breaks a bone in somebody’s hand.

62. Alex Rodriguez will break Lou Gehrig‘s Grand Slam record— assuming he plays.

So, that was part one. Come back tomorrow for part two of the 162 things.

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