2013 MLB Preview part 4: 162 Things Guaranteed to Happen in the 2013 MLB Season (Part 3)

Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here. Go below the jump for even more…

82. Johan Santana will not throw a pitch during the season.

83. During a hot-streak by the Dodgers, somebody will pay homage to Magic Johnson and declare that it is “Showtime at Chavez Ravine” or something similar.

84. Another pitcher injury similar to what happened to Brandon McCarthy will speed up the approval of some type of protective lining for pitchers’ hats.

85. A team will be accused of stealing signs.

86. A pitcher will be accused of doctoring the ball.

87. David Wright will be the lone Mets All-Star.

88. Ryan Dempster will do his Harry Carey impression for TV crews.

89. An idiot will run on the field of play and may or may not get tased.

90. Mariano Rivera will get some weird farewell gifts.

91. Joe Girardi will be said to be on the hot seat… but he won’t actually be on the hot seat.

92. Someone will do a hilariously bad first pitch.

93. The Orioles will not win as many 1-run games as they did last season.

94. There will be a “walk-off walk” at least once.

95. Jackie Bradley Jr. will be on the mind of Red Sox Nation whether he’s in the majors or not.

96. Joe Maddon and friends will wear funny costumes or suits as a way of team-building.

97. The White Sox will make a deadline deal.

98. Ubaldo Jimenez still won’t be pitching like he did in 2010.

99. Bruce Rondon will be a part of the Tigers by the end of the year.

100. Eric Hosmer will do better than last year but still won’t be at the level the hype surrounding him suggested.

101. Whatever team in the AL West does the worst against the Astros will not make the playoffs.

102. Neither of last season’s managers of the year will win it again this season.

103. Mike Zunino will make his MLB debut this season for the Mariners.

104. Kris Medlen will not due as well as he did late last season, but will still be very good.

105. Other than Giancarlo Stanton, Steve Cishek will be the best player for the Marlins.

106. Cole Hamels will far and away be the best of the “Big 3” starters in Philadelphia.

107. The Cubs will not win the World Series- some things are givens.

108. Shin-Soo Choo will be an All-Star for the Reds.

109. Kyle Lohse will prove that those who didn’t sign him made a mistake.

110. Russell Martin won’t play shortstop for the Pirates, either.

111. The “Rally Squirrel” will return to Busch Stadium.

112. Troy Tulowitzki will have an MVP-candidate season.

113. The eternal saga of the Oakland Athletics trying to move to San Jose will continue.

114. Yankees GM Brian Cashman will do something crazy for charity, again.

115. Roger Clemens comeback rumors will return again.

116. Bryce Harper will not say that anything is a clown question, but will create at least one new meme this season.

117. Giancarlo Stanton BP footage will go viral.

118. Prince Fielder will play all 162 games– he’s the active leader in consecutive games played and is on pace to pass Cal Ripken in… 2027.

119. The Rangers will win the first game of the season, beating the Astros.

120. Evan Longoria will hit a HR in game 162- he’s been making a habit of it the last couple years.

Come back tomorrow for the final 42 predictions for the 2013 season!


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