The 2013 Season Prediction Spectacular

Okay, so maybe it’s not so spectacular. But here’s my predictions for division winners, awards, etc.:

American League:

East: Tampa Bay Rays
Central: Detroit Tigers (best record)
West: Oakland Athletics
Wild Cards: Blue Jays and Angels
MVP: Mike Trout
Cy Young: Justin Verlander
Rookie of the Year: Jurickson Profar
Manager of the Year: Joe Maddon

National League:

East: Washington Nationals (best record)
Central: Cincinnati Reds
West: San Francisco Giants
Wild Cards: Cardinals and Dodgers
MVP:  Joey Votto
Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
Rookie of the Year: Oscar Taveras
Manager of the Year: Davey Johnson
World Series: Nationals over Tigers, 6 games.

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Okay, part 1 of the 162 can be found here. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. Now, the final installment of the 162 things guaranteed to happen in the 2013 MLB Season. Go below the jump and buckle up, because some of these could be weird/tongue-in-cheek, because, hey, there are only so many reasonable predictions somebody can make.

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2013 MLB Preview part 2: 162 Things Guaranteed to Happen in the 2013 MLB Season (Part 1)

What’s going to happen in this, the 2013 Major League Baseball Season? Well, I have 162 ideas- ranging from the serious to the sarcastic. At the end of the year, I’ll look at what my record was. Hopefully I will do better than the Astros.

This is a big and long post, so it can be found UNDER THE JUMP.

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2013 MLB Preview, Part 1: First Things That Pop Into My Mind

Okay, time to play a bit of a game with myself: For every team in Major League Baseball, I type out the first (printable) thought I have on them. Sometimes they will actually have to do with the coming season, other times they will just be random observations or the name of their best player. This is acting as part 1 of a series of unknown length that will constitute my preview of the 2013 season.

So, here we go:

Arizona Diamondbacks: Kirk Gibson likes guys who are gritty.

Atlanta Braves: No Chipper but 2 Uptons.

Baltimore Orioles: There’s no way they can do it again, right?

Chicago Cubs: Will trade Alfonso Soriano sometime.

Chicago White Sox: Won’t be better than the Tigers.

Cincinnati Reds: Could win the division again.

Cleveland Indians: Terry Francona.

Colorado Rockies: Carlos Gonzalez. Todd Helton is still playing.

Detroit Tigers: World Series favorite.

Houston Astros: Welcome the American League, enjoy last place.

Kansas City Royals: Better but not going to be nearly good enough.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California: Great lineup, suspect pitching after Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Magic, Money, and Matt Kemp.

Miami Marlins: Pity poor Giancarlo Stanton.

Milwaukee Brewers: Major League Baseball is coming for Ryan Braun.

Minnesota Twins: Rebuilding in progress.

New York Mets: David Wright.

New York Yankees: Robinson Cano and some old guys. Also: Mariano Rivera‘s last stand.

Oakland Athletics: The beard of Josh Reddick.

Philadelphia Phillies: Is Roy Halladay over the hill?

Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen.

San Diego Padres: Chase Headley.

San Francisco Giants: The defending champs.

Seattle Mariners: Felix Hernandez.

St. Louis Cardinals: Albert who?

Texas Rangers: Not what they have been.

Toronto Blue Jays: I need to get a passport so I can go watch them play.

Washington Nationals: The other World Series favorite.

Come back in the coming days for more thoughts and previews of the 2013 MLB season.