World Baseball Classic Qualifier Preview: Brooklyn (Brazil, Israel, Great Britain, Pakistan)

The final spot in next year’s main WBC tournament is up for grabs this week in Brooklyn, in an eclectic pool of four countries that lack major baseball facilities and thus sort of have been thrown into Brooklyn in hopes that New York’s diverse population will come out to see the games. While Brazil and the American-heavy Israeli team should be considered the favorites, GB shouldn’t be totally counted out. The biggest mystery (and likely last-place finisher) is Pakistan, a newcomer to the WBC that has rarely participated outside of the regional level. You can see the rosters (which have since changed slightly due to call-ups and injuries) here.

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MVPs of the last few days (9-15 to 9-19, 2016)

The MVPs of the last few days…

9-15: Hanley Ramirez

9-16: Collin McHugh

9-17: Trea Turner

9-18: Hanley Ramirez (again)

9-19: Clayton Kershaw

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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World Baseball Classic Update (September 14, 2016): A Minor Update

A small WBC update today, with just two pieces of news:

First off, David Peralta of the Diamondbacks is unlikely to play for Venezuela next year due to wrist surgery.

Secondly, according to the the excellent “Pinceladas del CMB” Twitter feed and Twitter’s translation feature, there is the news that tickets for the Guadalajara pool will go on sale in November.

…And that’s it for this installment. If you have any WBC news, let me know! Thanks!


MVP of Yesterday (Sept. 13, 2016): Taijuan Walker

We still haven’t had a no-hitter since Arrieta’s April performance, but Taijuan Walker of the Mariners sure gave it his all, allowing only three hits and striking out 11 in his win over the Angels. He’s the MVP of Yesterday.

Standings, as always, after the jump:

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